Joseph312Over the past 28 years I’ve made many a trips to Antwerp Belgium to purchase diamonds for our inventory as well as for our guests. Many of our guest ask why. Why Antwerp Belgium? Why the expensive of travel? Why should they work with me on purchasing a diamond?

Well, here are my answers;

Why Antwerp Belgium? Simple, if your company is in the business of cutting and polishing diamonds you need to have an office in this small district in Antwerp. It’s known as the diamond capital of the world. For centuries this location has been the source for cutting and polishing and today it’s the location were fresh production of diamonds that are cut and polished anywhere in the world, are first traded. Imagine the choices!

Why the expensive of travel? The answer is CHOICES. I travel there so that on any day I can choose from thousands of loose diamonds. I hand-pick the individual diamonds that I like the best and leave the rest. With my 28 years of diamond-buying experience and GIA diamond training, I have a trained eye to find the best in loose diamonds.

Why should someone work with me to purchase their diamond? I guess I just answered that. I have years of experience and when I take my Fall diamond buying trip I offer something very special to our guests. Since I’m incurring thousands of dollars in travel I need to buy as much as I can, therefore I offer my service as a broker for them. I can afford to do this because I don’t have to speculate on when someone is going to purchase my diamond. I have the client and the inventory in Antwerp to find them the best. It also increases my importance with my buying group (Independent Jewelers Organization, IJO) I might add that IJO is the largest buying group and they opened the doors for us into the exclusive diamond sources in Antwerp.

I leave the 21st of October to spend a few days searching for those one-of-a-kind diamond for myself and for my clients. If you’re interested in learning more of this unique opportunity, give me a call at 920-729-1642 or send me an email at [email protected]

Originally posted 2014-10-07 14:38:57.