Ben recently attended our IJO Show in Texas and brought back the blues- Aquamarine and Blue Topaz that is. Our case is fully stocked with some of the most beautiful Aquamarine gems, just in time for those March Birthdays! IMG_0606[1]Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family, produced by the element of beryllium. It shares this family with Emerald and Morganite and offers a clean hexagonal crystalline structure-lending the stone an amazing clarity and ample large sizes-making it an excellent choice in fashion jewelry.

IMG_0608[1]This stone is the stuff of legends and has propelled tales from sailors that include trident wielding gods, mystical mermaids, singing sirens and vicious sea serpents. Once believed to fill the treasure chests of mermaids, this stone was long cherished by many seafarers to promote calm, tranquil waters and safety while travelling through them. Today it is believed to invoke truth and trust, and even support a strong marriage.IMG_0607[1]All of these pieces are available for purchase today at J. Anthony Jewelers!!

Stop in and pick out your favorite!