Where does aquamarine come from?
Major sources include South America, Africa and China.

AA019953 AA019953Origins and Legends
The name aquamarine is derived from the Latin word meaning “sea water.” It was used for protection during ocean voyages and guarded against sea monsters. It was believed that if aquamarine were soaked in water it would treat eye troubles, respiratory diseases, and hiccups. It is said aquamarine will help ease depression and grief, and also awaken the love in long marriages. It also signifies the making of new friends.

Like Emerald, Aquamarine is a variety of the mineral Beryl. Most gemstones, including diamond, need enhancement through cutting or treatment to be enjoyed in a piece of jewelry. For quite some time aquamarine has been heat treated to bring out its blue color permanently.

How to care for aquamarine
Aquamarine is durable enough to last for generations. However, as with all colored gemstone jewelry, it is advisable to remove your jewelry before engaging in activities that could cause harm to your stone.

Why do people choose aquamarine?
Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and is given as a symbol of hope, youth, health and fidelity. It is also the gemstone for the 16th and 19th wedding anniversaries.

Aquamarine is usually safe in ultrasonics, steamers and heat. Reacts to hydrofluoric acid.

Moh’s hardness scale: 7.5 – 8.0
Specific Gravity: 2.72
Species: Beryl