When purchasing your jewelry, it is imperative that you trust the jeweler you’re working with. How are you to know the exact specifications of a diamond that a jeweler provides you unless you bring in your own equipment? Honest business is good business. We are listed as an “A+” member of the Better Business Bureau.

J. Anthony Jewelers has been in business and serving the Fox Valley community since 1987. We’ve built this business on trust and relationships. Truthful and realistic pricing, accuracy in descriptions and always striving to provide the highest quality jewelry your money can buy are some of the cornerstones our of business. Because of our high ethical standards in business, we became Neenah’s  Independant Jewelers Organization Master Jeweler. Not every independant jeweler can be a member, only jewelers that hold the highest ethical standards. You can rest assured that unethical business practices and unfair pricing schemes are not part of our business plan. We explain to our clients that we sell for a fair price and do not engage in the ever prominent mark-up and discount game. We call it “Integrity Pricing.”

We respect our reputation as trustworthy jewelers and we would be devastated if our clients experiences with us were not a happy one. J. Anthony Jewelers makes all possible efforts to disclose to our clients everything we know about the pieces you may be looking at. Knowledge is key.

As our client, you can be sure that your jewelry needs will be completed with great confidence from us. If you leave your jewelry with us to be repaired, you can be sure that we’ll take as much care of it as we do our own jewelry. All of our jewelry is locked up in our safes every night, even your repairs, big or small. We’re here to serve you and your needs, and we will protect that trust in which you have invested in us.