What is the newest trend in Diamond Pendants and earrings?  Citizens of Neenah, Menasha, Appleton as well as Oshkosh are asking about the  diamonds that dance. There are several trade names like Heartbeat Diamonds, Rhythm of Love, Dancing Diamonds. We have them and we call them Dazzling Diamonds!

During the summer of 2013 at jewelry trade shows the talk was all about a few manufactures that have newer way to set diamonds. Actually it has been around for generations and only now has been slightly modified. The main diamond is set into a micro bezel or micro prong crown that wraps around the edge of the diamond. This bezel or crown is then placed into the pendant or earring using two pivot points. This creates the “shimmering” diamond.  It is very true that this technique of diamond setting lets the bezel set diamond “wiggle” with the slightest of movement.  Just the vibrations of the jewelry store building itself is enough to create this movement while on display in the case.

Place the diamond pendant around a woman’s neck or place  the earrings into her ears and the diamonds will catch the eye of  just about everyone nearby!

As I mentioned earlier, a few companies actually produce the products this year, and as I have heard only one company has the actual patent. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in years to come. Like all jewelry, jewelers need to achieve the lowest price point possible to make it affordable for all. J. Anthony Jewelers, like most others will be able to offer a silver and diamond design starting at $100.  We stock several designs that range up to $2500 as well that feature 14 Karat white gold and diamond accents to the main “Dazzling Diamond.”