Where does garnet come from?
Garnets come in many colors and the colors are related to where they are found. Mozambique garnets are found in Africa and rhodolite garnets are found in Sri Lanka, India and East Africa. Spessartite garnets are found in Brazil and Sri Lanka and Tsavorsite garnets are found in Sir Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Brazil and India. Chrome Pyrope garnets are found right here in the USA, in Arizona as well as Golden Andradite garnets.

AA019782 Origins and Legends
North American Indians used to use red garnets as bullets because they believed that the garnet would seek out blood and inflict deadlier wounds. Christians believed garnets symbolized Christ’s sacrifice, and Islamics believed garnets showed the fourth heaven. Garnets were thought to stop bleeding, cure diseases that caused inflammation and also to help settle disputes.


As mentioned with all the other colored gemstones, most of them go through some kind of process to enhance the colors. However, Garnet is one of the few gemstones that requires no processing other than cutting to bring out it’s beauty.

AA019965How to care for garnets
Garnets are durable enough to last for generations. However, as with all colored gemstone jewelry, it is advisable to remove your jewelry before engaging in activities that could cause harm to your stone.

Why do people choose Garnets?
Garnets of any kind are the symbolic birthstone for January. Any garnet of any garnet is said to increase understanding and wisdom as well as prevent fears, insecurity, and feelings of loneliness.

All garnets are usually safe in ultrasonics; however, the use of steam cleaners is sometimes risky and is dependant on what type of garnet you have. Heating garnets is also questionable depending on which type of garnet it is. Color changes can occur and fracturing as well.

Mohs Hardness Scale: 6.5 – 7.5
Specific Gravity: 3.61 – 4.15
Species: Pyrope, Spessartite, andradite,, rhodolite, grossularite.