Recently, we’ve had a few people come into our jewelry store, in desperate need of having the rings cut off of their fingers. Whether it was a bee sting, or a broken wrist one lady had, unfortunately. There’s a good way that you can try to get these off at home, if you can’t make it into the jewelry store right away.

We often recommend raise your hand, let that blood kind of come out and down your arm, then maybe stick your hand in a bucket, or a pail of ice water. And I mean, ice water, for a good five minutes or so. That will constrict everything on your fingers, and that might help get that ring off the finger. If you can’t make it in, try something slippery then too. After you’ve done the ice method, put some Windex, or maybe hand-sanitizer on there, it might be uncomfortable, but you might be able to work it off.

Worst case scenario, bring it into the jewelry store as soon as you can. We’ve got the right equipment that gets in there to cut that ring off, and save the ring, and most importantly, the finger. It’s much better than going to the ER and having the side-cutters done. It’s bad stuff there.

Originally posted 2015-10-17 08:29:20.