J. Anthony here from J. Anthony Jewelers in downtown Neenah, here to answer a question. And the question that was presented to me is, “How do I figure out my finger size while I’m at home?” Good question. Probably the basic way to do it is to take a piece of paper very similar to, remember in high school the litmus paper, long narrow strip of paper, cut something like that out of your notebook, wrap it around your finger and wrap it around the thickest part of your finger. A caveat to that is your dominant hand is going to be larger than your non-dominant hand. But, anyway, whatever finger you want, wrap it around usually by the knuckle to give you the finger size.

So you’re going to wrap it around, and you’re going to take a magic marker, A fine Sharpie, and just draw a line across that piece of paper so it touches both pieces. Then that piece of paper, lay it out and measure it in millimeters from ink point to ink point. It might be 30 millimeters, for example. Anyway, that can be converted to a finger size.

How do you go about finding out your sweetheart’s finger size? Well, that’s a whole another challenge. You can grab her ring, but is it going to be the ring that she’s going to wear or the finger that she’s going to wear the ring that you’re going to get her on. Probably not, but at least it gets us close and gives us the general idea. And if you tell us which finger non-dominant, we might be able to give pretty close to it, but ultimately the best thing to do is to stop in at a jewelry store, have them measure your finger, both with wide bands and narrow bands, and give you a range of sizes. Because if you are getting a wide wedding band, for example, it’s going to have to be a larger size than a narrow, say, like a traditional engagement ring size would be.

So those are all factors that play into sizing a ring or getting a finger size, but ultimately stop in. Here at J. Anthony’s we always have some fresh coffee or a beverage available. We’re happy to sit down and answer any of your questions and spend time talking about it.

Originally posted 2015-10-07 10:28:14.