I am J. Anthony, from J. Anthony Jewelers here to try and answer a question that I’ve often been asked by you folks out there. How do I buy a diamond? Well, you could go on the internet and search thousands of sites, and see thousands of diamonds with thousands of different price points, but for example let’s just consider a 1-carat diamond. The round brilliant that’s the standard of the diamond world. Everything else is priced according to the round brilliant.

You could find a range on a 1-carat diamond from a couple of thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Depending if it’s a promotional quality all the way up to a flawless diamond. You can’t really see them. All you’re doing is buying a piece of paper and that’s the worst thing you can do for buying a diamond. I don’t buy the paper. I might look at the paper. I might say, “Okay, well it’s got a specification of a G VS2 from this lab and from this lab.”

I like to bring them in or if I’m at a diamond cutter’s office, I will select a half a dozen diamonds that all fit those technical parameters. I’ll do the same thing with you at our store. We’ll select three, four, five diamonds that all fit your budget, which is very important. We don’t want to oversell you on something but also the color, clarity, size, all that lingo that you think you know about, but the beauty of it is we’ll sit down at my office and we’ll have a half a dozen little stones out there, and they have a personality.

They speak to you. They speak to me. They don’t all have the same technical things but they look different underneath shore lights. They look different in the shadows of the store. Heck we even take them all outside in the northern daylight where it’s perfect grading, and you look at them outdoors, and they look different there and after you’ve looked at them under all those different lighting conditions, and we mix them up.

You’ll be surprised how many times that one diamond starts to speak to you, and you say, “That’s the one.” And really that’s what it’s about. After all that technical stuff, it’s the beauty of the diamond. How it speaks to you. How it’s going to look on that girl’s hand. That’s the one you want to want to buy. Come visit me. I got plenty of time to talk to you about it.

Originally posted 2015-09-29 08:26:05.