Jewelry care can be very easy and affordable to accomplish. A little preventative maintenance paired with jewelry insurance can give you the peace of mind you deserve when considering your fine jewelry. With a little education and understanding of what can possibly happen to your gold and gems, it will be easy for you to spot potential hazards for your jewelry that come from excessive wear. Ultimately, it’s really about protecting the metal and thus, protecting the stones.

A common misconception, especially with diamond jewelry, is that it is durable. This is false. You should never look down at your ring and think “durable” regardless of style or setting. “Durable” refers to camping gear, or tires- meant to withstand the elements.  When you look at your rings, you should think “precious”, or “sentimental beyond replacement”. Your jewelry is not meant to withstand anything, other than time. It is built for your enjoyment, for beauty, for art. For love. Not for mountain climbing.

Once you realize the actual value of your ring, instead of just the cost, you will see why wearing your rings constantly- to bed, or in the shower, or to the gym, or in the garden- is not beneficial to you and your jewelry. In fact, it could cost you exponentially more to maintain your ring than is really necessary.

We, here at J. Anthony Jewelers, recommend you stop in once in awhile to get your ring checked and cleaned, for absolutely free. It is at your convenience and you do not need to set an appointment, but we would like to see you at least twice a year. We get under the scope with your ring, check it over thoroughly and make a repair plan for you if necessary. If no repairs are needed, we will  professionally polish, sonic clean and steam clean your jewelry, all while you wait.

We also recommend that you ensure your jewelry individually or with a company that exclusively insures jewelry, like Jewelers Mutual. Policies can cover replacing, repairing and even preventative maintenance in some instances. It is highly likely that you will face repairs on your ring within its lifetime and having coverage will be beneficial to you during those times.