Hey, Ben here from J. Anthony Jewelers. Just wanted to answer another question that’s been thrown out to us, “How do I pick the right diamond for my engagement ring?”

This is a tough one. There’s a couple of things that you need to consider here, guys. One, set a budget. You don’t want to stretch yourself too far. You’ve got to be very honest with yourself and say you’ve got a budget in mind. And then you go out, and you try to find that diamond.

We get people that they go online, and they’re looking at all the different diamond websites. There’s thousands and thousands of diamonds that would be available for you to buy, but let’s just say you were looking for a one carat round diamond, G color, VS2 clarity. Such and such website has 200 of them for you to pick from and the price ranges from, say, $6,000 to $13,000. You sit back and you say, “How do I figure out which one is for me?” Well, why would you want to buy on the internet? Why would you want to spend that kind of money on the internet without ever seeing it? I couldn’t imagine.

That’s where jewelers come into play. Here at J. Anthony Jewelers we sort through all of that technical stuff. We’re going to look at all those diamonds from our own vendors and trusted sources, people we know and they know what we like. They’re not going to send me diamonds that aren’t sellable, that aren’t pretty. Because honestly I could bring in six one carat, G color, VS2 clarity diamonds, lay them all out on the table, and they’re all going to look different to me. There is just going to be one that’s really going to stand out. It’s going to be, it’s just going to be the one.

I’m going to show you all of them, and I’ll bet you you’re going to find just that one too. It’s going to fit your budget. It’s going to be the one that’s going to last you a lifetime. And it’s going to be probably something better than you expected. Then you’re going to invest your money in an independent jewelry store within your community. It’s not going to get lost out in the internet world somewhere. We like to help our people out with that. We’ve been doing it for a long, long time, 28 years. We’ve got our preferred diamond cutters in Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond buying capital of the world. Myself and my father Joe make it over there at least once a year so we’ve got the diamond for you. We can help you figure out just about every aspect of what you need.

Originally posted 2015-09-22 09:24:58.