Here is a TV spot that we did with Local 5 Live.

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Woman 1: It is time to discover some items in our area’s bountiful boutiques, and today we are shopping for mom at J. Anthony Jewelers in Neenah.

Woman 2: And this is a fascinating process, actually, with some of the things you can do, with Joe Ziemba here. You know, we’re talking a little bit about the process of making unique things, so let’s start a little bit by actually first introducing us to your store. What can we find in J. Anthony?

Joe: J. Anthony Jewelers is a full-service store that we started, my wife and I started back in 1987, everything from diamond engagement rings to custom designs, repurposing jewelry. And that’s a big thing, ecologically speaking, today. We can take gemstones and gold from grandma’s, whatever, and recreate it into something new. And the neat thing is we do it all in store, versus sending it out to the big cities, the design work.

A dozen years ago, I got very involved with CAD technology. When I first started, it was all hand carving with a piece of wax. I’d sit at a bench for hours. Today, I do it all in CAD software and then we do some renderings and show you a full-colored image. And that’s even involving over the next very near future, we will be able to see holographic images of pieces.

Woman 2: Isn’t that neat?

Woman 1: Unbelievable.

Woman 2: You’ll be able to put a holographic image on your finger kind of, right?

Joe; That’s where the technology is going.

Woman 1: Wow.

Woman 2: So you can see what it looks like on your hand. I love that.

Joe: So the things we will design in CAD, I can send to your smartphone where you get the proper app and then put a little device, line up the cone on the smartphone and you’ll actually see the ring floating around.

Woman 2: Isn’t that cool?

Woman 1: Unbelievable.

Joe: You’ll probably be seeing that within the next year or two.

Woman 1: Wow.

Woman 2: Awesome.

Woman 1: Well, one of the things you can see right now are some of the beautiful custom pieces. We have an example of one of them that we want to show our viewers. And tell us a little bit about a ring like this. How does that process work?

Joe: The process starts out first by just coming in and visiting with us. It’s a very friendly environment. We have a lot of fun with it. We do sketches and these can be stick drawings. You come in with an area, I’ll present some ideas, and first you’ve just got to give me some directives; “I want a ring for Mother’s Day,” for example. That’s what we’re working with here.

And then I will go into the background and work in the CAD technology and develop the different parts of the ring. And then I send off a colored image or rendering, as we call it. You’ll see that in just a moment here as it…

Woman 1: Yeah, look at that.

Joe: …renders out into a full image. People often think that that rendered image…the software actually got international awards for…