Hey everybody, it’s Ben from J. Anthony Jewelers, and I wanted to talk to you about Valentine’s Day this year. We’ve worked really hard on finding some really great product, some really fashionable jewelry for you, and we’ve got a few new things. This year we’re starting off with the Steal Her Heart collection, it’s new for us. This particular piece here starts at $195, it’s sterling silver with diamond. Then we have some pieces in white gold with diamonds. Another really great and hot piece this year is all the Heartbeat collection diamond pendants where the diamond dances and shimmers, you probably have seen some of these around.

And then we do have a couple of the big boys here. We wanted to find one that had a larger center diamond. Look at that thing dance around. That’s a 3/4 carat diamond in the center. Now here is the kick: This Valentine’s Day with any purchase over $149 you’re going to earn a few things from us. You’re going to get four chocolate covered strawberries from Festival Foods here in Neenah. You’re also going to get a gift certificate to Remington’s Restaurant at the Holiday Inn here in Neenah. That’s good for a big piece of red velvet cake and a house bottle of champagne. And then you’re going to get a Valentine’s Day card as well. So we hope to see you in and do some shopping for Valentine’s Day with us. Thank you so much.