We love our little city of Neenah! So when one of our own gets some national attention, we feel the need to share the love.

In a February 27, 2017 article from JCK online, they discuss Jewelers Mutual and what to consider when insuring your jewelry. They even introduced us to a new set of 4C’s regarding your diamond and insurance- Coverage, Claims, Cost and Commitment. You can read the full article here.

Jewelers Mutual has been an industry leader in insuring your precious gems- something few other companies offer exclusively- and they have been doing it for over a 100 years! We have been proud to work with Jewelers Mutual and referring our clients to them with confidence since 1987.

Why Jewelers Mutual?

Well, not only do we share a hometown pride, but we share the same love of jewelry! Let’s face it, you can get insurance anywhere. You can even get them to cover some of your jewelry-maybe even all of it! But JM has been offering exclusive jewelry coverage-against loss, theft, damage- even maintenance and repairs could be taken care of for you with Jewelers Mutual.

This beats out any warranties or guarantees that are offered by some jewelers-as they only cover loss of stones and repairs- and not complete replacement of your piece. Even some insurance companies will stop coverage for common things- like misplacing your ring. It happens often and you can’t file a police report on something that wasn’t stolen. How will your insurance stack up?

Discover the peace of mind you deserve, with Jewelers Mutual. Stop in to J. Anthony Jewelers today and we will make sure you have an updated appraisal and anything else you need to get insurance on your ring today or go to www.JewelersMutual.com to get a free quote.