We have a huge selection of colored gemstone jewelry in stock today, so you can find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.  Stop by our store in downtown Neenah today and we’ll help you find the perfect gift for Mom.
Hi, I’m Ben from J. Anthony Jewelers. Today we’re going to talk about Mother’s Day. It’s fast approaching, just a few weeks away. Wanted to share with you a few ideas that we have. We’ve got some really great gemstone, color gemstone rings and sterling silver with a little diamond accent. They start at $99 with a matching pendant and earrings that you can add too.

Moving onto Frederic Duclos. It’s spring. Finally, it’s spring here in Wisconsin. So Frederic has some really colorful designs, very contemporary designs for the very young modern woman. I just did this project for a gentleman, mother’s rings. We’re going to need a couple weeks. If you can order them now, it would be a great time to do it.

I just did this ring for a gentleman, the three-stone version. I did it with a ruby, a diamond, and a blue zircon for this guy, in platinum. We had it done in about six days. He absolutely loves it, and I’m sure his wife will too.

Our newest product line is Lafonn, all simulated diamonds set in sterling silver that’s bonded with platinum. So it’s going to stay white. It won’t tarnish. These gemstones have the same physical property as a cubic zirconia, but they’re much more durable, much more brilliant, and very, very affordable. Many, many styles to choose from. This is going to be a hot product for us. Then of course, all of my other color gemstone jewelry from amethyst and rubies to smoky quartz, peridot. Every color gemstone that you could think of we’re going to have here.

Another great piece that’s gaining a lot of traction in the jewelry world are these pendants and earrings over here. We call them dancing diamonds or dazzling diamonds with a unique setting for the diamond. Allows it to twinkle as she’s wearing it. Those styles have been really, really great. We’ve got four white-gold versions in pendants. We’ve got two white-gold earrings and then in this case, these have been doing really well, it’s the same style. These are the dazzling diamonds, but in sterling silver. These start at $150. They go up to $300 and they still have that twinkling effect.

Well, another look down here is all of this. That little love piece right there with the pink stones in it, that’s a great piece. Everyone loves that one, and comments on it. It’d be great for Mother’s Day.

Then sapphires, emeralds, rubies. Over here we’ve got blue topaz and tanzanite. Obviously you can mix and match the gemstones. Pearls are always fun. You can dress them up or dress them down, and another really neat thing that we have is called Posh Mommy. We work with a supplier that makes these pendants that can be engraved with the children’s name and then have a flush set gemstone right into the metal. They’re available in sterling silver. You can do them in gold, white or yellow gold, and I think we can even do it in a gold plating.

So that’s fully customizable. Those can be done within a week. So Mother’s Day is May 11th. We need to think about getting those custom projects put together soon, so we can make it an awesome Mother’s Day. Thanks for visiting.