Colombian Emeralds will prove to be one of the most sought after stones for 2017 due to its intense green shades, step cut faceting and limited availability. Photocredit:


Both lush and vivid, calming and revitalising- Greenery has been announced as the PANTONE Color Institute 2017 Color of the Year and we couldn’t be more excited. Jewelry lovers rejoice at this announcement, as we have now been given the chance to show off some of our most underappreciated gemstones, such as peridot, tourmaline and the ever-cherished emerald.


PANTONE defines Greenery as a refreshing, and revitalising shade, symbolic of new beginnings. It being nature’s neutral, we crave the vitality¬†of the outdoors, encouraging us to all take a deep breath, reinvigorate all of our senses. Revive. Restore. Renew



Celebrate the inspiration found all around us and provided by nature by incorporating these exciting earth tones into your wardrobe. This year, we are in luck! Peridot perfectly embodies the yellowy-green hue and is one of the most affordable options of precious gems. It can come in large crystal structures, which allow for show-stopping statement pieces. As always with peridot, it is known for its intense color, easily noticeable from across the room.

Assortment of various green gemstones, ALL available for purchase at J. Anthony Jewelers in Neenah, WI. For more information on PANTONE Bridal, PANTONE Color of the Year, and Greenery please stop in or call to discuss all of the options and resources available to you.