Where does peridot come from?
Peridot can be found in China, Australia, Brazil, Myanmar, Kenya, Mexico, Sri Lanka and large deposits in the US, particularly Arizona.

Peridot_hs Origins and Legends
Peridot was thought to help dreams become reality and was often given as a symbol of fame, dignity and protection.

Peridot is light green to green-yellowish in color. It was known to be dull during the day but at night the stone was said to “glow like a coal” at night so it was easy to spot at night and to mine the next day. Peridot is also called the “evening gemstone” because its color intensifies the evening light.

How to care for peridot
As with any gemstone it is advisable to remove before engaging in any activities that may scratch are crack the stone. Cleaning done by a professional is also a wise idea.

Why do people choose peridot?
Peridot is the symbolic birthstone of the month of August and is the traditional gift given to couples celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary. It has also been associated with spring and renewal.

Peridot is not safe to put in ultrasonics and never use a steam cleaner on them. Peridot will also not take any heat from torches which may cause fracturing or breakage.

Mohs Hardness Scale: 6.5 – 7
Specific Gravity: 3.34
Species: Peridot