Platinum is a chemical element that is found on the periodic table with symbol Pt. Platinum is silvery white metal that is extremely rare and is used not only in jewelry but also in dentistry, automobiles and electrical contacts. It is malleable, ductile and much more dense than gold.

The first writings of platinum were back in the 1550’s from an Italian humanist, who was writing about a mysterious metal found in Colombia. Platinum received its name from the Spanish word platina, which means “little silver.” When silver miners in Colombia first came across platinum while mining silver, they often discarded the platinum as they thought of it as an impurity in the silver they mined.

Because of its rarity and purity, platinum will cost up to 3 times more than gold. Keep in mind 14k yellow or white gold is only 58.5% gold, the other 41.5% are other metals that are used to make pure gold stronger. Platinum does have benefits over white gold. Platinum is naturally white and is denser than gold. It will also wear better and last longer than white gold. We often recommend setting diamonds into platinum crowns as it can last longer.