We are proud to introduce you to QALO Silicone Rings, which are a perfect alternative to our traditional wedding bands for those who enjoy a more active lifestyle. QALO rings provide the perfect combination of form meets function to offer the first life-proof ring.

Take it from blogger Dani Liffman, as she tested the product herself and posted this excellent review on her blog, A Sweat Life.


A product review by Dani Liffman from A Sweat Life 


Just before Christmas, I was lying in bed before heading to the gym on a Saturday morning, reading an article about the dangers of high box jumps. (I didn’t even know at the time that Jeana had hurt herself doing box jumps literally the day before.) So when the instructor called for box jumps, I thought I was being so smart by turning the box down to one level shorter than usual. For safety. And yet, about 15 seconds into my box jump set, I felt a twinge of pain, looked down, and saw my right ring finger was going about 90 degrees in the wrong direction.


My first reaction was, “Crap, I’m only on my second station in the circuit; there goes today’s workout. And probably tomorrow’s.” My second reaction was, “I am so glad this is my right hand, since I’m wearing my engagement ring and they’d have to cut it off to get it over my L-shaped finger.” (Don’t you worry, my third reaction was a big “OWWWWWW!” and “Get me to urgent care stat!”) Despite a long conversation with my orthopedic surgeon/best friend’s dad last summer about the dangers of wearing rings at the gym, it took a serious finger injury to help me realize that I cannot continue wearing metal rings at the gym.


The team at Qalo was nice enough to send me a ring to try out, so I replaced my engagement ring for a week while I went about my everyday activities from work to the gym and yoga at home. I couldn’t believe how light and comfortable it was. My engagement ring would bother me a lot when I was lifting weights (you should see the callus I formed), but with the Qalo I couldn’t even tell it was there. When holding metal dumbells, it was a lot more comfortable than my metal band. As a girl, I’m not sure I’d wear it as my everyday ring (although I think a guy totally could) but I like the idea of throwing it on for a camping or hiking trip, or any day when I know I’ll be super active. I also think it’s good to wear to the gym, so that I remember to take my metal ring off before I work out, and put it back on after.

If you’re wondering about sizing, the Qalo rings only run in whole sizes and they recommend sizing up. I’m a 6¼, so the team sent me a 7 and it fits but I wouldn’t be afraid to have a size 8. Definitely go up a size or two – especially if the size you know is based on a thin band – they run a bit small.

If you can’t wait to buy a Qalo ring, but can’t decide which color to buy, consider the purple ring (men|women) or the white sparkle (men|women) ring. Qalo will give 10 percent of the profits from the sales of their purple rings to the Alliance for Lupus Research and 20% from the sale of the white sparkle rings to Barbells for Boobs. Now that’s a win-win!

As you can see, these are great, not only for an active lifestyle- supermoms, hiker, biker, fitness enthusiasts, etc- but they are also a safety solution! Consider the professions that can’t wear metal rings to work and how QALO could be right for you!

Stop in to our store and check out our new display! We can help you determine the right fit and flare for your style. And the best part is, your wallet won’t be injured either- prices range between $20-25 a piece and come with a little pouch to store your ring in and clip to your gym bag or key chain when you aren’t wearing it.