Where do sapphires come from?
Sapphires are found in major sources in Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Kampuchea, Kenya, Tanzania, US, and Madagascar.

AA019963Origins and Legends
Sapphire was believed in ancient times to have the power to influence spirits, guard against being unchaste, protect from capture by the enemy and was believed to make piece between enemies. Sapphires were also thought to cure fevers, colds, eye diseases and ulcers.

Sapphire is off the corundum species of crystal, the 2nd hardest mineral known to man outside of diamond. If color is not mentioned, then blue sapphire is usually what is talked about. Sapphires come in a variety colors such as pink, yellow, white and multi-colored so when shopping for a sapphire it is imperative to specify a color or otherwise blue is the default assumption.

How to care for sapphire
Just like its counterpart ruby, sapphire is a very desirable gemstone that will last long into many generations so it advisable to remove the jewelry before engaging in any activities that may cause harm.

Why do people choose sapphire?
Sapphire is the symbolic birthstone of the month of September and is the traditional gift to couples who are celebrating their 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. Sapphire is also the longtime symbol and guardian of purity, and it represents truth, sincerity and consistency.

Sapphires are usually safe in ultrasonics and steam cleaners. They do not take well to heat from torches as it may change the color. It may either make the color better of worse.

Mohs Hardness Scale: 9
Specific Gravity: 4.0
Species: Corundum