SilverUSGOVSilver is a chemical element on the periodic table with the symbol Ag. Silver is a white lustrous metal that has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals. Silver is noted for being malleable, ductile and having the ability to take a very high polish. However, silver will tarnish very easily in the presence of ozone or air with sulfur present. This can easily be removed by a jeweler or by silver dipping solutions that jewelers sell.

Silver is not only used for jewelry, but also in photography, electronics, dental, mirrors and of course, silverware. For the longest time, silver was considered the 2nd most precious metal, second to gold.

It is more abundant than gold and much more abundant than platinum. Silver doesn’t cost nearly as much as gold and therefore makes it popular for jewelry that can be worn everyday because of the lower cost. We offer a line of sterling silver jewelry that has small diamonds call Daring Diamonds that fit this category perfectly.