mothers-day_1100013163-1013intEvery woman, from young to old, loves jewelry! When it comes time to choose Mothers Day gifts, what better choice could there be than to select an exquisite piece of fine jewelry?

Whether you are looking for something for your wife, mother or daughter, your local jeweler will be able to help you find the perfect gift of jewelry. Does the woman in your life love necklaces, and has a whole collection to choose from? Or is this going to be the first piece of a collection that she will keep for a lifetime?

We can help you with the many fine points of your choice. Do you, or the woman you are buying for, prefer a certain type of metal – platinum, gold or silver? You are probably familiar with gold and silver, but what do you know about fine jewelry made of platinum?

Platinum is naturally white, and retains its color for a lifetime. There is no color to carry over onto a diamond or pearl, meaning that their color stays pure. Because platinum is such a rare metal, a ring, necklace or other gift of jewelry is quite valuable, and will retain its value.

The choice of what type of stone or gem for Mothers Day gifts is a usually a matter of personal preference. Everyone has heard that “diamonds are a woman’s best friend”, and they are always a great selection.

Some women, however, prefer something different. Emeralds are quite valuable, and many women prefer their deep green color. There are other reasons for the choice – an emerald is the birthstone for May, and can be picked either because the woman herself, or one of her children, was born in May. They are also said to bring good luck to the wearer. The hard exterior of the emerald helps to protect it from scratches. Another frequently chosen gem is the ruby. A ruby can range from a bright red color to a dark reddish brown, and is often associated with love, passion or power.

Of course, pearls have always been a favorite gem for necklaces, and have always been considered elegant. Pearls can come in single strands or multiple, in many different sizes. They make delightful Mothers Day gifts, and will always be a treasured possession.

Fine jewelry is always a thoughtful gift, and one that will last a lifetime. Taking a little extra time when making your selection will provide you with something that will bring a smile to the face of any woman you love!

Please come and visit us at our store in Neenah, WI and we can help you find the perfect Mother’s Day gift!